Th Burgess lab fosters an inclusive and supportive culture that encourages collaboration among members of all backgrounds and different experiences. We believe that diverse work teams generate the most innovative ideas. 

  • Collaboration: 
    • Mentorship is an important part of scientific training, both as a mentor and a mentee
    • Be respectful of different intellectual ideas/personal viewpoints/problems/concerns from all people, inside and outside of the lab
    • Give feedback in the spirit of helping each other grow, and receive it in the same mindset
  • Growth and learning
    • Physical and mental wellness is essential for being a productive scientist.
    • We are each growing and learning as scientists and humans, but we are striving to learn and improve
    • Take responsibility for words and actions and agree to engage in respectful conversation if an offense arises
    • Understand that multidisciplinary viewpoints foster growth and innovation.
    • Recognize that as individuals we are all learning and growing from our experiences;
      • Pledge
        • Avoid exclusionary and unwelcoming language
        • Avoid any sexist, racist or homophobic language
        • Use caution when discussing sensitive personal comments
        • Refrain from comments on physical appearance
        • Recognize discrimination, sexual and/or nonsexual harassment
        • Avoid incitement to any violence, suicide or self-harm

      We believe in the Burgess lab that if there is anything that makes you uncomfortable that you should speak out to someone you trust. 

      Many of our lab members have been associated with UC Davis programs that serve underrepresented minorities:


      The Postbaccaulaureate Research and Education Program at UC Davis (PREP@UCD) is a one-year program aimed at preparing students from disadvantaged backgrounds and historically excluded groups (including individuals who have a disability that limits major life activities) to succeed in PhD programs in the biomedical sciences.


      The Molecular and Cellular Graduate Admissions Pathway program is offered to students our partnered Historically Black Colleges and Universities and California State Universities a program that takes a comprehensive approach to student intellectual development and mentoring to prepare students for summer research at UC Davis and competitive applications to graduate programs in molecular and cell biology.


      The Initiative for Maximizing Student Development program aims to identify and train underrepresented students to become part of the next generation of research leaders and innovators in biomedical and behavioral sciences.

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